Affordable Designer Handbag Brands

Posted on 2nd Oct 2015 @ 3:25 PM

Ancient civilizations most likely made bags out of leaves and wood. Astonishingly, ancient records show men flaunting bags more than women, for example: Egyptian hieroglyphs depict men carrying bags around their waist.

In the Middle Ages, first there were over-sized travel bags, then came the small travel bags during the 1860s, thus creating an unfading fashion accessory 'handbags'. Louis Vuitton designed the 'keep-all' bag in 1924 that set an example for the first streamlined travel bag. Handbags became a symbolic representation of women's liberation in the 20th century. The Chanel handbags became iconic, especially the one's that were lovely quilted clutches with the chain strap, an inspiration by jockey's gilt jackets. A luxurious piece has a certain aura about it, and a woman can wait in a long line just to get hold of a vintage crocodile Hermes Birkin bag with diamond clasps, which can cost a whopping! USD 64,000.00!!

In the modern fashion sense, its liberating but not to an extent of going into debt for a designer piece. Given below are better brands to invest in without blowing away your savings.
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New Arrivals Of Handbags

  • Nine West Petal, One Size Jaya Cros Md-Snow

    $ 34.64
  • Nine West Top Handle Bag Internal Affairsmini Tote

    $ 65.25
  • Nine West To Die For Handbags: 900 Bags To

    $ 4.00
  • Nine West Multi, One Size Taren Backpack ,

    $ 34.84
  • Nine West Cognac, One Size Just Zip It

    $ 32.81
  • Nine West Sky, One Size Track-Tion Action Cross

    $ 31.99
  • Nine West Orange, One Size Zip N Go

    $ 44.99
  • Nine West Multi, One Size Zip N Go

    $ 42.29
  • Nine West Scallop Tote Bag Scallop Tote Bag

    $ 47.19
  • Mylux Shoulder Handbag (80562bk/Br) ? Connection Women Crocs/Leopard

    $ 29.99