New handbags launch by Roksanda Ilincic in fashion World

Posted on 22nd Feb 2016 @ 7:26 PM

The Serbian designer will debut some of her new totes on the catwalk during London Fashion Week on Monday (22Feb16), which she has described as "unique, timeless and connected" to her ready-to-wear range. As her clothing is known for its bold, colourful aesthetic, often featuring vivid patterns and structured angles, it seems fans are in for a treat.

Although the bags will be sold as a stand-alone collection, Roksanda explains the accessories were designed to complement her other offerings.

“Bags are very important and so exciting for us. It’s a completely new category and we’ve started from scratch,” she told WWD, noting that this will be the second biggest division for her after women's clothing.


There will be nine styles on offer, with day and evenings bags to choose from. There's even unisex options, such as a boxy shopper which customers can choose to come with leather or velvet handles.

Roksanda describes the main hardwear of the range as "discreet and sometimes invisible," with leather heavily featured as well as flaps and folds. Other styles on offer include pouches, clutches and shoulder-strap designs. When viewed all together, the fashionista hopes they'll resemble "a puzzle of colour", with tones like black, lilac, vintage pink and dark purple all clashing beautifully.

For customers who can't get enough of their phones, almost every bag has a signature round pocket at the back to hold an iPhone. This presented the perfect opportunity for Roksanda to dive into her signature colour-blocking finish.

All the bags were created in Florence, Italy, and the first collection will receive a limited edition stamp. Bags have been a long time coming for Roksanda, as she admits it was getting her Mayfair store in London up and running which prevented her from launching them earlier.

Prices range from £225 ($322) for a small purse, to the most expensive option of £6,900 ($9,877) for a luxury crocodile skin bag.

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