Where are the designer handbags?

Posted on 27th Sep 2016 @ 8:05 PM


Time to ditch the designer handbag and embrace the new “It” bag! What is this “It” bag? This “It” is nothing in particular as the millennials have dumped the megabrands. It is noteworthy to mention that the present generation is not that much into names and is more into personal taste. This is why fashionistas across the world are trying to mix and match what suits them better instead of following what bigger have on offer. Buying lesser expensive handbags from online as well as traditional stores is a common sight. People are even opting for coupons like stalkbuylove coupons and more to buy the handbag of their dreams.

The clash

Point is if people like to buy a franco sarto handbag over Prada, megabrands cannot help it. The reason for this sudden transformation in the luxury industry could be an indirect result because of the change in the economic climate that has made people more realistic. Then these mediocre brands have attacked functionality and they won. They were given a clear majority because you can find a variety of dasein handbags reasonably priced. They are spacious, yet compact in general and you can choose from a range of handbags. They do not come out with one or two designs and then name it after a fancy season. They have collections but they are more practical, even the designer ones are more accommodating. In a way you can say that these mid priced handbags have added to the confusion of the end user in a positive way.

The truth

In reality, price plays a major role in the consumer world. Those who agree that it’s a consumer’s world would have to consider this element very seriously. Give them the right price and they will follow you. Although, there is more to this switch and we have recorded the most significant reasons in this section. Read them thoroughly if you want to get a complete know-how:

  • These mid range business houses can lower down the delivery from wholesale to retail in a favorable way
  • They do not cater to targeted audiences only, but look for a variety and this helps them get mass recognition
  • They offer assorted solutions but do not rule out efficiency
  • These brands have worked on various shapes (think of a scarleton bag) and are not sticking a to iconic products only
  • These handbags can be used with diversity and this is in particular is a point that makes them so popular  

Clearly, high end brands that used to dominate this sphere with exclusiveness have been challenged by these upcoming brands. In fact, the mid range handbags have played the game safe and raised the bar for name brands. These mid-sized brands cannot have changed the whole scenario and have helped bring down the pricing of designer bags to a competitive level. With the changing mentality, it has to be added that big business houses like Givenchy, that are known for their givenchy purses have to work around all this without compromising their standards. This is quite a dual to watch out for, what do you say?


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