How select designer inspired handbags?

Posted on 29th Sep 2016 @ 8:16 PM

This is a big question that can never be answered in one post. However, we have tried to scribble down a few ideas that you can keep in your mind to get the best of designer inspired handbags. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that choosing the right one is no right way or wrong way of doing this. Read the following pointers that will give you a fair idea and you can punch in your own ideas with this for more.

Selecting designer inspired handbags

This is no rocket science and yes, you can do it without burning the midnight oil. That said, you must not take this lightly but you should have fun while making a choice. Have a look at the pointers and then decide by yourself:

  1. Look - If you like trendy bags then choose the trendy ones and for those who prefer playing it safe should go for simple ones. Nonetheless, you need to make sure that the handbag has no unnecessary seams, doesn’t look unpolished and must have dangling thread. That means, the finish should be impeccable and clean.


  1. Stitch - Talking of thread brings us to this section because stitch is an important feature of a handbag. It should be stitched neatly and must seamlessly blend with the fabric of the bag.   


  1. Zipper - The next thing you should look into is the zipper and its quality. It is better to avoid bags with inferior zipper because this is going to protect the bag and hold everything in place. This has to be sturdy and should be smooth to move to and fro.


  1. Hardware of the bag - Craftsmanship, design, shape, fabric and frame all should be looked into while buying designer inspired handbags. You need to check on these things because these are the fundamental to a bag’s existence. That is correct your handbag will have no essence if all these things are made from inferior products. No matter, how attractive a bag may look like but anything missing from these few things will ruin them.


  1. Strap - Mention has to be made about heshe leather bags, franco sarto crossbody and guess ladies bags that make it a point to equip their bags with a sturdy handle. The strap is another significant aspect of a handbag and it has to be durable enough to bear the weight. You may not carry everything in your bag but for those who think their bags are their second home, should look into this factor to make their live easy.

Overall, it has to be mentioned that if you keep a keen eye on the quality of designer inspired handbags, then you may end up buying a real good one. You could use the internet for this and read a few reviews of brands like cgecko, ecosusi and heshe to name a few. The reviews will give you a comprehensive perception about these bags. You are free to make a choice!

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