Why buy handbags under $100?

Posted on 13th Dec 2016 @ 7:57 PM

Do you like fashionable handbags? Who doesn’t, tell us about it. The problem with big labels is that they are xpensive and most of the times it does not seem right to buy them. So, if you are a fashionista on a shoestring budget, then this post is for you. This post answers as to why you should buy handbags under $100.

Why buy handbags under $100

As far as designer handbags under $100 are concerned, you must know one thing about them, that they are not the cheap duplicates. Yes, they are different than a knockoff and they are nothing like a street side handbag. If you have ever chanced upon a franco sarto bag, you will know what we mean. There is more to this and here are some of the reasons why you should buy a less expensive bag instead of a pricey designer label.

  • The feel of it - Of course, you must have noticed celebrities flaunt fashion and flash these labels a million time. This gets you thinking and you feel like buying a designer handbag. Once you hunt that down, you know it is not for you because of the price tag. It is not at all practical a solution but the moment you set your eyes on nine west tote bags, you feel like a diva.


  • Affordable - Hands down, a designer inspired handbag is way more affordable than a high end designer bag. This makes them a sensible resolute to your bag cravings without a doubt. The point is if you get a bag for $50 or may be even less with a dash of a discount, chances are high that you will decide in favor of it.


  • Low maintenance - In addition to all this, it has to be mentioned that these inexpensive bags are low on maintenance as well. This is another aspect that makes these bags a great resolve for anyone who is looking for fashion in a budget.


  • Stay trendy - Always be in trend and you will not feel out of place because you can buy a couple of these bags as per the look of the season. This becomes quite an impossible thing with a designer bag as you are stuck with it forever. The cost seems like a burden and you cannot throw it out or give it away. This means whether it is in trend or not you cannot do anything with it.


  • Quality - Again, if you think they lack this factor, then you are highly mistaken. Bags from the house of Heshe, Fendi, Franco Sarto or Nine West are not at all to be taken lightly. They are high quality bags that have become a benchmark by themselves.

By now you must have got a fair idea to as what brands can you trust while deciding on handbags under $100. If you have any doubts, then we would recommend that you conduct research at your label and get the hang of things. You will come across a lot of information about these designer inspired bags on the whole.




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