We’ve Got Decorating in the Bag

Posted on 17th Dec 2015 @ 9:40 AM

As I grow as a decorator, my collection of decorating tools is growing too! I had tubs all over my kitchen with random tips thrown here, my rolling pin thrown there. Decorating bags were in a cabinet across from everything else. I was lucky if I could ever track down my spatulas in the same place twice. I needed a storage solution that I could tuck into the hall closet and pull out when I got the itch to decorate. I needed the new Wilton Decorator Preferred Carry-All Tote!

This past weekend is a good example of why I love my new tote bag. I wanted to decorate a great cake for a spring event, and I knew my tote had everything I needed right inside. I went to my hall closet, and there it was, sitting just as nicely as the last time I tucked it back there.

I adore the fact that this tote will sit upright on its own and won’t tip over regardless of what’s inside. The long padded handles are easy to grab, fit great over my shoulder, and won’t dig in. So away we go to start decorating!

I set the tote bag up on the counter next to my decorating area. I can easily grab what I need out of the tote without having to go too far. I can also place things back in the tote as I finish using them. Brilliant!

I first pull out my icing color organizer and my tip organizer and set them where it will be easy to access what I need when I need it. I love that all of the new Wilton organizers fit perfectly into the tote bag, it makes it so easy to have my supplies ready to go.


I am a messy decorator. You’d think the more I decorate the less mess I’d make, but no such luck. I managed to get pink icing all over the handle of the tote bag. But have no fear – this fabric is grease and color resistant, so I was able to wipe it off with just a damp cloth.

The tote also has zippers on either side of the bag that can be unzipped to completely fold open the bag for thorough cleaning. Such a relief that my tote bag will keep looking great, no matter how messy I get!

I am looking forward to taking my next Wilton Decorating Class. I know this tote will be great for transporting my supplies from home, to the car, into the class, and back again. With the large base, I am confident that the bag won’t tip over as I’m driving around town.

The pockets on the front and back will make it so easy to throw my cell phone, keys and wallet in to eliminate the need to bring my purse along. One less thing to worry about!

The Wilton Decorator Preferred Carry-All Tote has been a real life-saver for me! I hope you will love it, too!

Source : http://blog.wilton.com/index.php/weve-got-decorating-in-the-bag/ by Traci Chapple



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